Does birth control cause infertility after you stop taking it?

Absolutely no. Myth: have to wait after birth control is stopped before trying to get pregnant. The best most fertile cycle for most is the first one off birth control. We use birth control lead in to all our fertility treatment cycles! overall the effects of long term use of birth control is to preserve and enhance fertility.
No. After you stop birth control pills, you fertility will return to normal within 1-3 months. If you are sure you don't want to be pregnant for the next 2 years, taking bcp's might actually help preserve your fertility (in indirect ways, such as preventing cysts and preventing the need for surgery to address cysts, for example).
Not at all. . After stopping any method you will return to whatever fertility level you had before. With pills, the patch, the nuvaring, and iuds fertility returns in about one week. The depo shot can take several months.