I have stomach ulcers after gastric bypass and I have no desire to eat is that normal?

No, but not uncommon. Follow up with surgeon. Tested for h .Pylori? Can cause ulcers. Marginal ulcers usually on the intestinal side of the anastomosis (seam) not rare. Needs follow up, especially if interfering with oral intake, or if vomiting ( a big deal). See your doc.
Ulcer gastric bypass. It is common for patients to have very little appetite after gastric bypass. Developing a marginal or anastomotic ulcer is also something that occasionally happens as well. It should be aggressively treated with a proton pump inhibitor (dexilant, protonix, (pantoprazole) prevacid, etc) and carafate. You also need to have an UGI and egd to make sure you don't have a gastro-gastric fistula causing the ulcers.