Please help me I have hypothyrodisum and I am gaining weight to fast I weight now 185 lbs. Gain 45 lbs in 5 years?

Treated? If your thyroid hormone treatment has your TSH in the normal range (for primary thyroid disease, like hashimoto's), then your weight gain cannot be attributed to your hypothyroidism as the medication is doing it's job. You should see your doctor to make sure you're on the right amount of thyroid medication. Other causes of weight gain should probably be investigated by you and your doctor.
Get treated. Are you being treated for the hypothyroidism? If you are being treated with thyroid medications and your thyroid levels are normal, then it's unlikely the weight gain is caused by the hypothyroidism (since you are no longer hypothyroid on the current treatment). There could be other causes for the weight gain beside thyroid disease. If you have not been treated, pls see your doc to get evaluated.