I am trying to get pregnant and have pcos, will I ever concieve? I am dieting and exercising!?

Right direction. You are heading the right path and if pharmacological treatment is needed based in your biochemical profile and all causes of pcos-like conditions are ruled out, I am certain your outcome is going to be excellent and yes, achieving spontaneous ovulation and pregnancy is very likely (of course making sure your partner's fertility state is optimal is also as important). Good luck!
Hang in there! Pcos can make it more difficult to conceive. Proper diet and exercise are great places to start to help. However, if months pass with no results, consider seeing an ob/gyn. There are some therapies out there to help improve your chances. Best of luck.
Your specialist. It is possible for many women with pcos to conceive. Reproductive endocrinologists are particularly expert in this matter. You may need to work with such an expert to get the best available treatment options to help you conceive.

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I have pcos and trying to conceive. What is the likeliness of getting pregnant with each cyle?

TTC. If you and your partner have no fertility problems then your chance is roughly 20% per cycle and around 85-90 % in one yea; with pcos the chances are lower but depend on specifics.
Depends. If you ovulate and assuming all other factors normal, success if ~ 15% each cycle. However, with pcos you either do not ovulate or ovulate infrequently which lowers your chances. See your doctor if you are not having regular periods.

Two periods in one month and I have pcos and have been trying to conceive could I be pregnant?

Take the test. If you want to know if you are pregnant, take a test. In today's world you do not need to wonder if you are pregnant or not based on symptoms. Pregnancy tests are available at any pharmacy and in minutes you will have your answer. They can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days after conception. The best time to take one is when you miss your period.