Why is my foot so swollen after knee surgery?

DVT. Your foot is probably swollen from the trauma of knee surgery, but it can be swollen from a blood clot in your leg, which can be extremely dangerous. Deep venous thrombus can have formed in one of the deep veins in your leg causing the swelling in your foot. Knee surgery puts you at a very high risk for this. It can be very dangerous as this can progress to a pulmonary embolism. So get checked out.
Swelling. As stated it could be normal and it could be DVT. The right thing to do is see your surgeon to get it checked.
Poor venous return. Theer is only one way out for the blood in your leg the back of the knee, a little knee swelling slows the way out for blood so it backs up rot he lowest point your foot if you have a acewrap on loosen it and elevate your leg above your heart stay horizontal.

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I had knee surgery 2 weeks ago and my foot feels like an ice cube why? My calf also hurts a little bit, but not red hot or swollen could it be a dvt?

Get seen now. There are several possible causes of your symptoms, including DVT (blood clot), problem with arterial circulation, post operative swelling, or even nerve irritation. Any unexpected symptom after recent surgery deserves immediate attention, so a serious complication can be quickly avoided. Call your surgeon!
See your doc! If your foot feels like it is cold and you have a calf that hurts you want to definitely have it checked out. I would definitely see your doc or if you are having any shortness of breath, chest pain, calf swelling, you need to go to the er to get it checked out but I would call the physician on call if the office is closed and tell them. Your foot shouldn't be cold, and you shouldn't have numbnes.
Ice cube foot. Any of the things you are describing should be evaluated by your surgeon sooner rather than later. Especially since your calf also hurts. Call right away and head for an er if your surgeon should be unavailable. Good luck.
Go to the ER. A cold foot and calf pain after knee surgery should be evaluated. Go to the ER immediately. Do not delay!
Leg cool. Dvt possible as with history of recent knee surgery, but that doesn't explain cola as ice cube Discuss with your ortho doc and let them decide on testing if necessary.

Had microfracture knee surgery a week ago. My knee isn't swollen but the foot of the surgery leg is really swollen. Suggestions? (i'm ttwb w/ imoblizr

Swelling is normal. Elevate the leg as much as possible. If you have calf pain and swelling contact your doctor immediately.
Swelling. Some swelling is normal but alot can mean a problem. Contact your surgeon sooner rather than later.

When will the numbness of my foot stop after having knee surgery?

Depends. If a nerve has been severed and separated then it could be permanent. If it was only compressed and the compression goes away e.G swelling, then it is likely to improve over next several weeks to months.

I had knee surgery on august 13 2012 and my foot is swelled up after knee surgery when does the swelling go away. I have been doing the ice machine.?

Keep your leg. Elevated as well as much as possible. This is not uncommon. How long it will last may also depend on what type of surgery you had which you did not specify.
Varies. You may want to try a compression wrap and elevation.
Swelling. While I agree with the other doc's, you said your surgery was in 2012. That is 16 months ago. Your swelling may not go away as it may be something called brawny edema and is more fibrous in nature. See your surgeon and good luck.

How do I increase the blood cerculation on my foot after having a knee surgery? Because it's been a month and I feel like there's pins when I walk

Is not circulation. You must tell your surgeon. The symptom is not the result of a circulation problem, especially in a 17yo!
Healing nerves. When you have undergone a surgical procedure, it can take time for things to heal. The skin incision may be closed, but all the deep structures, such as nerves are still healing. In all likelihood, the circulation is ok. The "pins" definitely tell me nerves. It can take some time for this to subside. Swelling of the extremity could also cause these symptoms.