Daily headaches that usually last two weeks before subsiding. Stressing over a brain tumor makes them worse and longer. Clear CT scan in dec. Cause?

Stress? worrying? Head ct usually picks up a brain tumor. Check on line for cluster headache. Reassurance from your dr. Is perhaps all you need. Worrying and stress can trigger headache. So is lack of sleep, too much of caffeinated drink, anxiety, depression, uncontrolled hypertension and a multitide of reasons. Perhaps some relaxation or regular exercise regimen or watching comedy may help. Don't worry, be happy.
TruDenta dentist! Headaches that occur this often are usually very successfully treated by a dentist trained in the trudenta technique. It is a pleasant, spa-like treatment that does wonders for these problems. Go online and google "trudenta" and on their website should be a way to locate the nearest office that does this therapy.