Symptoms of a strained wrist or carpel tunnel?

See below. The symtoms can be similar. Sore. Tender, feeling swollen. A strained wrist will probably resolve on its' own. Carpal tunnel should be watched to make sure it does not progress.
Tingling. Numbness of fingers, tingling, wrists pain when strained or inflammed. When severe, your hand feels like its on fire, especially at night.

Related Questions

The last few days my right hand on the left side on my wrist has been sore. Could it be carpal tunnel or more a strain. Fingers are fine?

Varies. It does not sound like carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression of the median nerve in the wrist and usually causes pain or numbness into the thumb, index, and middle fingers. I would not hesitate to be seen if it does not get better. An exam and appropriate studies can usually determine the cause.

I feel like I have both tarsal tunnel and carpel tunnel in my left wrist and ankle. I have all the symptoms. How can that happen? Coincidence?

Carpal tunnel causes. You are experiencing symptoms at sites of commonly compressible nerves and these are normally affected in patients with disorders such as diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism among others. Have your physician check you by doing blood tests for the above conditions.

I have hypothyroidism and and having worst pain in the wrist joint. Is it a symptom of carpel tunnel syndrome?

Look for other cause. Carpel tunnel syndrome is more common in people with hypothyroidism, but if you are on treatment, and are on an appropriate dose, this should not occur. Of course you can get carpel tunnel from many repetitive motions (like typing, mousing) regardless of thyroid. Have your wrist checked out.
Could be. Many people with thyroid disorders do develope numbness and tingling in their hands, and sometimes feet. This usually occur at night or upon awakening in the morning. These symptoms often persist even when your thyroid level returns to normal. Hypothroidism can cause some generalized joint achiness, not specific to wrist. Get it checked out.

Hand & wrist numbness - can joint pain be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Possibly. Hand numbness, more so than wristnumbness, can be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. So can pain in the digits of the hand. Predominately the symptoms are felt in the first three digits of your hand. Electro diagnostic testing may help determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or something else.
No. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not normally wrist pain, but numbness and tinging in the fingers. You need to see a hand surgeon to have your wrist evaluated.
Unlikely. Carpal tunnel is numbness of the thumb, index, long and usually half of the ring finger. Joint pain is more likely arthritis.