Can a MRI see a baker cyst?

Yes. A bakers cyst can easily been seen on an simple ultrasound. Mri will give much more details regarding other structures and possible pathology of the need as well. If necessary the fluid in a bakers cyst can be aspirated with a needle under ultrasound, but there is a recurrence rate to be expected.
Yes. A bakers cyst is a collection of fluid behind the knee. Mri is an accurate and sensitive technique for detecting a bakers cyst (see (*) in the attached image) and can also diagnose other disorders in the knee that can be associated with a bakers cyst such as a meniscal tear, joint effusion, or arthritis. Ultrasound is also frequently used to diagnose a bakers cyst.
Yes. But a much cheaper ultrasound will do.

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Can untreated bakers cyst cause a torn meniscus please clarify answer. Could torn meniscus, have been in 1st MRI and not have been seen due to bakers cyst, covering it somehow?

Bakers . Bakers cysts do not cause meniscal tears, however, meniscal tears do cause bakers cysts. Read more...
See answer. A baker’s cyst is a posterior medial knee protrusion of the joint between the semi-membranosus and gastrocnemius tendons. It fills with joint fluid when there is synovial irritation. A meniscal tear is a source of synovial inflammation forming the bakers cyst – the cyst is a consequence, not a cause. One treats the meniscal tear, not the cyst. Read more...