Is eye muscle surgery safe?

Eye muscle surgery. All surgery has some risk but eye muscle surgery as among the safest of all surgeries. If there is a need to have this surgery to correct eye alignment for functional or cosmetic reasons then by all means proceed. Of course anythinjg can happen including poor results, visual loss or complications of anesthesia- these are rare and are superseded greatly by the benefit in most cases.
Yes. Compared to most surgeries, eye muscle surgery is quite safe. Among the positives: the procedure is performed on the eye's surface rather than inside the eye so there is little chance of damage to the vision. There are risks such as infection, and under- or over-correction of the muscles, and you should discuss these with your doctor. But the benefits far outweigh the risks of muscle surgery.

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Is eye muscle surgery safe?

Yes, overall. Small risk of wound infection or bleeding. Extremely rare risk of perforation of sclera. May result in under or over correction (can have double vision). Best to discuss risks with your surgeon.

When does someone need eye muscle surgery?

Eye misalignment. Eye muscle surgery - termed strabismus surgery - can be helpful when the eyes are out of alignment. This can be at birth, in the first several years of life, or later as a result of diseases and trauma.

Could eye surgery have also disconnected an eye muscle?

Rare, but possible. Depends on the type of surgery you are talking about. A rare complication of eye muscle surgery would be disinsertion or regression in the placement of a muscle. Other types of eye surgeries do not generally directly affect the eye muscles.

How soon can one have an reoperation after a failed eye muscle surgery?

Time. You had failed eye muscle surgery and want a reoperation. Give it time. Even if the operation didn't work there is a time needed for your body to heal. Most healing occurs by 6 months.

Is it normal to have double vision even after having eye muscle surgery?

Depends. Right after surgery or has it been awhile? If eye muscle surgery was supposed to correct it but did not, then could be under/over-corrected, or could have alignment issues in more than 1 direction that was only partially treated, or other causes.
Yes. Ask your surgeon if it will get better. It may just take time, or you may need prisms or more surgery. Double vision after muscle surgery is less common with much younger patients.

4 months out-still diplopia after horiz. Eye muscle surg. Am eso after exo out by 5-6 dp. Will I need further surgery? Was only 15+ dp exo-47 yrs. Old

Tricky question. If your eyes were out of alignment for many years, then one or the other is supressed (unless you alternate). Strabismus surgery can bring the eyes to a cosmetically acceptable position in most cases but cannot establish fusion when there is long standing lack of fusion. Check with your strabismus surgeon about which category your eyes fall within.

Can eye ptosis be fixed without surgery? With exercises or something to strenghten the drooped eye muscle? Any help please.

Ptosis can can. Resolve on its own but certainly continue to see your eye doctor. There are eye exercises but a professional would need to prescribe them. Peace and good health.

I have strabismus my left eye is not working. I only use right eye which is the dominant one. I want kno how much eye muscle surgery cost?

Surgery. The cost of the surgery is dependent on the ophthalmologist and where the surgery is performed and how it is performed. Best see the eye surgeon who can explain the costs to you and what your insurance or obamacare will cover.
Important to know. It is really good to think about the cost before you have it. Best thing to do would be to check into a few things such as your insurance coverage for such a procedure, and with whomever is recommending it. Sadly, the same procedure can cost different amounts depending on state, the location of where the surgery is done, not to mention the physician fees. Hopefully you can get some clear answers.