What can cause severe dizziness almost vertigo, headaches, and fatigue?

A long list. Many different things can potentially cause this constellation of symptoms that you describe, including: high blood pressure, anemia, very high blood sugar, abnormal thyroid function, abnormal electrolytes, and less often neurological illness. Given how nonspecific these symptoms are, it's important you have a thorough exam and evaluation by a physician.

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What BP meds cause no side effects? I've tried 3 and all cause bad dizziness, headaches and fatigue that I can't function with. I stopped the meds.

None. There is no BP medication (if you are referring to prescription pharmaceuticals) that does not have the potential to cause at least 1 side effect which has been reported to the FDA. What you need to do is work with your doctor to discover the way to get around the side effects you are experiencing either by trying different medications or different dosages of meds you've previously tried.

Can eating unhealthy (junk food) every day cause vomiting, dizziness, tiredness and headaches? Is this my body warning me?

Junk food. Has a lot of additives, preservatives, transfats, and sugar in the various products. Thus, you can get symptoms such as GI distress, fluctuating blood sugar, etc. Talk to your doctor about shifting to a low carb and higher protein diet so you will have energy from good fat rather than from sugar. Your cravings will gradually diminish. Peace and good health.

Nauseous headache fatigue dizziness tired cranky don't wanna move I wanna eat pickles at night got my period 3 days late what could this be caused by?

Migraine. If you very recently had your period or are on your period, then you aren't pregnant. Migraine is most common cause of headache with nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. It tends to run in families, does anyone else in your family get migraines? Fortunately it's very treatable, feel free to consult me to discuss treatment options further. I hope this helps.

I have had severe headaches for 3 days, dizziness and nausea when exercising and extreme fatigue for a month. What is wrong with me?

Get it checked out. There are many things that can cause your symptoms. The safest thing to do is get it check out, soon, by a health care provider. Take good care michael rosenfield, D.O.
Fatigue. I worry about hypoglycemia. You should see your family doctor and be properly assessed.