I tried to commit suicide with Clorox n now I constantly have the feeling that my throat is closing, also I took prescription pills... what can it be?

Laryngoesophagitis. You literally burnt the snot off your larynx and esophagus. Chronic problems should be expected, including what you describe.
If recent--go to ER. If you ingested that recently you need to go to the emergency room. If your ingestion was long time ago you could developed esophageal stenosis with difficulty to swallow. You need and endoscopy or at least a radiological study barium swallow to see if you need dilatations.
Visit the Dr or E.R. A person who has suicidal ideations, gestures, or attempts needs evaluation and treatment right away. The fast way to get treatment started is to visit an emergency room, either by ambulance (call 911) or by personal transportation.