Frequent migraines, dizziness and nausea with weakness in arms. Also had bloody nose with migraine. What could it be?

Check BP. Could be coincidence but these sympts also could indicate seriously high blood pressure.
Brain tumor. Brain tumors are very rare, but you should have a thorough exam with your doctor. Another cause would be a condition called pseudotumor cerebri. The more likely cause is just severe migraines though. Visit your doctor to get some effective treatment.

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I have a migraine, a non stop bloody nose (only when I blow it) and I've been having dizzy/fainting spells. What could this be?

Could all be. Migraine related but further evaluation with your physician is warranted.
Migraine. Several things could be going on you should go be checked by a doctor.
As above. Nose bleed can be related to many reasons, I agree with other physicians to see u p p for evaluation and work up.

Can I still have symptoms like dizziness weakness nausea doublevision for few days after migraine?

Sure. Sure, but at some point it becomes important to be certain there is nothing more serious or life threatening going on. There is encouragement to delay a more serious investigation in what might be wrong as long as you are improving. Blatmanhealthandwellness. Com.

Can I be sure dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, and dull head pressure (no extreme pain) is actually migraine? Can it be something else?

See your PCP. Migraine is a complex disorder and in order to receive proper treatment for migraine, a correct diagnosis must be made. See your PCP for consultation and migraine management.

3/6/14loss of vision dizzy urge to pass out funny feeling in head/ears. Still crawly feeling across back of head feel out of it nausea dizzy & emotional chiro/gp say migraine eye dr not convinced?

If. Your symptoms are persisting for so long, time to talk to neurologist and r/o other neurological diseases.
Get another opinion. There is always the chance that another specialty provider, such as a neurologist or an ent, would come up with another diagnosis and treatment plan.

Again extream head pain, nausea, vomiting, dizzy sensitivity light&sound. Again er, test, treatment. Ct-clear pain med+zofran.=diag:migraine. Sent home!

Migraine. Yes. Migraine could cause above symptoms. I advise you to consult a neurologist to get proper diagnosis and treatment.
Call your OB now! Unfortunately I don't know anything about you, but any pregnant woman reaching her mid-trimester with a severe headache needs to get a blood presssure checked and evaluates for pre-eclampsia which can be life threatening to you and your baby. People of advanced age are at higher risk. If you don't have pre-eclampsia, you may want a neuro evaluation for treatment with a triptan. Try caffeine.
Daily meds. It depends on how often this occurs, but it sounds like you may need to be on a daily medicine to prevent these headaches. You should also try to eliminate the common headache triggers if you haven't already tried that. And maintain a headache diary to try to identify any potential triggers. Good luck.

Anytime I get a headache I get it behind my eyes and in my nose at the same time. I feel dizzy and feel sick sometimes as well. Is this a migraine?

Sure sounds like it. Could be sinus as well. See your doc if it continues to bother you.
Possible migraine. Migraine like headache can be caused by a bone spur in the nose. A ct scan of the sinuses is indicated and if the spur is present a septoplasty to remove it is indicated. I provide relief to almost 90% of patients with this problem. Visit my website for more information at www. Kevinsmithmd. Com.