Without a laparoscopy are there any other ways to diagnose endometriosis?

Sometimes. The true diagnosis of endometriosis requires a biopsy and a pathologist to confirm the diagnosis. Almost all the time this requires an abdominal procedure, commonly laparoscopy. However, some women may have nodules of endometriosis in the vagina, for instance, that can be biopsied in the office to prove endometriosis. Usually this is a bad prognostic sign.
Yes but not accurate. Laparoscopy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of endometriosis. Some endometriomas which is endometriosis inside of the ovaries containing old blood can be seen on ultrasound and mri. Occasionally on physical examination endometriosis can be found behind the uterus and the bladder on palpation.
No ! So far there's no blood test. Even ultrasound s and MRI imaging is not diagnostic but only can suggest the diagnosis. Laparoscopy gives a visual diagnosis and the opportunity to remove the disease.
Careful exam . A gyn specialist can evaluate you for endometriosis with a careful history and exam. Ultrasound, especially vaginal probe endovaginal ultrasound can tell even more. Laparoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosis and is also an effective way to treat problems at the same time.
Not Really. Laparoscopy is the best. You can assume endometriosis based on symptoms, but you need to see it to confirm the diagnosis.