Does red raspberry leaf tea or Robitussin (guaifenesin) cough syrup help fertility? Well timed intercourse and no success after 6 months of trying. History of 10yrs bcp

No. Neither the tea or Robitussin (guaifenesin) have been shown to help fertility. 10 years of birth control pills should not affect your chances of conceiving now, but if you had irregular cycles before and after the pills get checked out to find out why. With regular periods most 29 year olds get prego in the first year of trying to conceive. See a fertility specialist (rei) for help sooner if you're worried.
Maybe. Red raspberry has been touted as beneficial for a variety of complaints, althoug there is not a lot of good research to confirm it. Guaifenesin, the principal component of cough syrup (think mucinex) has been shown to thin cervical mucus. It is sometimes used in conjunction with clomiphene, a fertility drug, because Clomiphene may thicken cervical mucus.