Lower my cholesteral?

Cholesterol. Diet and exercise is the first step, but if this is not successful, then medications. Look into the mediterranean diet.
Lower cholesterol. If diet and cholesterol do not work statins are recommended, but they have some toxicities and side effects. Epa fish oils, including prescription vascepa, lower high triglycerides but also lower LDL cholesterol without the side effects but to a more limited degree.
MFO ; RYR. You can use good quality marine fish oil to lower triglycerides and red yeast rice to lower ldl. Some folks need one or the other, some both. Nutrition accounts for 15 to 20 % of lab results, the rest is familial.

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What are some things I can do to lower my high cholesteral? I am a vegitarian and I don't eat a lot if eggs since they contain a lot of cholesteral.

Vegetarian=great! You're already a step ahead of many folks. Congrats! eat whole grains, lots of fruit&veggies. Nuts & beans also have fiber. If fish isn't on your menu, you can take omega 3's/dha-epa from algae. Use olive oil. Exercise! get moving 30-60 minutes a day every day. Thank you for eating mindfully. ::high five::. Read more...
Fiber, exercise. You can try increasing fiber and exercise, but sometimes high cholesterol is genetic....And can't be escaped. In those cases the cholesterol usually responds best to low dose medication. Read more...