I am feeling numb in my chest and short of breath. Should I be concerned. I don't have chest pains, however, have pains in my left arm.?

Short of Breath. You need to get immediate attention. Either call 911 or get to an er. You are having symptoms that could be related to your heart or warning of a heart attack. Get help now!
Yes. You need to be urgently (er) evaluated to rule out cardiac cause.

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Hi I keep getting sharp pains in my left arm after exercion no shortness of breath or chest pain?

Importance of risk. Dependent on age, family history, risk factors and life-style .... the complaint most probably is musculo-skeletal vs cardiac in origin. A clear professional evaluation is indicated, especially for recurring symptoms. Every human does not develop the classical signs of serious heart disease. Therefore ... dependent on the risk indicated above ... professional evaluation should be sought. Read more...