2 months with reflux drools a lot is that from the heart burn of just part of being a baby?

Depends. If the baby is feeding well, gaining weight and happy most of the time it is normal.
Likely just baby. Drooling, wearing a bit of spit up, sitting in a poo diaper with a big smile are all part of being a baby. The social conscience that makes you want to put on a good appearance is absent in babies & only acquired over time as we train them.

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Are heart burn and acid reflux the same thing?

Symptom v. Disease. Heartburn is a symptom; gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd) is a disease which is the most common cause of heartburn. Therefore, while one may have heartburn secondary to gerd, it is presumptive to call it "reflux" unless this has been proven. Read more...

Sometimes when I get nervous I get acid reflux or heart burn. How can I treat this and prevent it in the future?

Prilosec(omeprazole) Mental anguish shown to be associated with increased gastric acid secretion. If you are going to sleep with a good deal of mental stress take an acid reducer at least an hour before and this may help. Omeprazole is the generic of Prilosec. If this happens frequently, get Magnesium Oxide as a supplement & take 250mgs a few times a week, providing your kidney funct is NL (serum BUN & Creatinine) Read more...

After I eat, I start hipccuping and it causes reflux. I really don't have heart burn. I've been scoped-esophagitis/gastris PPIS dont help. Suggestions?

Mediicne and diet. In your case with documented Gastritis and Esophagitis, you may benefit with additional test and treatment for HPylori, if not tried before. You can go to your PND for a stool or blood test for the same and a trial of the combo treatment. In the meantime, avoid spicy and bigger meals and caffienated drinks. Feel good! Read more...