What types of bacteria besides the typical garderella cause vulvovaginitis? Burning, redness of vulva skin?

Let me help. The most common types of vulvovaginitis are genital candidiasis (also called yeast infection), trichomoniasis, and nonspecific vaginitis (also called haemophilus vaginalis vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis or gardnerella vaginalis vaginitis). Some types of vulvovaginitis are more rare than others.
Vulvar Infection. A yeast infection, in addition to other infectious agents, can be responsible for these symptoms. Hormonal changes and stress can contribute to the condition. It is best to make an appointment with your gynecologist to undergo an evaluation.

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Vulvovaginitis (horrible redness, burning of vulva and anal area) treated for 4 types of bacteria (dna test), seen 6 dr's in 3 months. Any advice?

Test for diabetes? While i certainly don't know the specifics of your situation, I have seen patients with severe vulvovaginitis due to yeast (not bacteria) where their underlying risk was actually diabetes. Because it's easy to test (blood test), you might want to see if this has been done. Good luck; sounds miserable. Lgromkomd. Read more...