Does having MS shorten ur life expectancy?

Yes. In the canadian registry study, life expectancy was reduced by 4->7 yrs, and in the danish registry study, life expectancy was reduced by 10-> 12 years. Quality of life is affected by physical symptoms such as difficulty with mobility, fatigue, problems with social functioning, impaired mood and pain.
If not treated. Untreated MS seems to shorten lifespan about 8-14 yrs, but use of even less potent disease modifying agents will typically allow a normal lifespan, based upon the Betaseron (interferon beta 1b) research studies.
Multiple sclerosis. This is a matter of debate and much variability. The answer will depend on the study referenced and the population studied. Individually, the life expectancy will depend on age of diagnosis, race, severity of condition, concomitant diseases and socio-economical circumstances. With early recognition and newer therapies we expect the effect on life expectancy to be minimal.