Does drinking milk hel bone contusion to heal faster?

Milk. Not necessarily. A good consistent diet that contains vit d and calcium is important in bone health. Adding more does not make bone heal fastet.
Not realy. Bone contusions have their own timeline for healing. Adequate vit d and calcium are needed. Suppliments r a better way 2 b sure ur intake is adequate. Not that milk is bad 4 u, but consider the calories. U need a daily intake of 1600mg ca & 2, 000iu of vit d. U need this whether injured or not. If u r a dieter, u may have an intake below this.

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If a drink milk or eat food to strenghten my bones does my bone contusion heal faster?

Not really. Bone contusions are bruises too the bone. They heal in about 4-6 weeks. Read more...
Not likely. Unless you have rickets or a severe metabolic syndrome or other deficiency. The effects are not that quick but it's certainly a good idea. Read more...