I have chronic wheezing and coughing took a pft came back normal, just took a methcoline challenge, also was put on albuterol two puffs qid prn?

Keep seeing doctors. A person can also see an allergist because allergists usually are specialized in the areas of asthma and bronchospasm, as well as allergies. A pulmonologist (lung doctor) can check for more rare lung disorders (such as fibrosis), as well as give an opinion on the wheezing. In a few cases, there is weakness in the voicebox area (ent can check) or in the trachea (ent or thoracic surgeon can check).
Await result. If a regular pulmonary function test (PFT) fails to detect signs of asthma, a methacholine challenge can be used to identify whether or not a cough is at least partly due to bronchospasm, e.g. is asthma-like. Breathing this irritating aerosol in a confined space will trigger cough on anyone, at high doses, but is more likely when airways hyper-reactive. Inhaled steroids might be next if test is +.
Possibly asthma... With normal pfts, you do not have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but it could still be due to asthma because between exacerbations, your pft will be normal. Methacholine challenge may show that your airways are capable of bronchospasm but could have asthma even if this is normal. Other possibilities include post-nasal drip and gerd. Quit smoking if you smoke. Good luck! Keep taking your med.