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I've been on antibiotics for months (prostatitis) now have oral thrush and candida on my scrotum. Please help?

Antifungal powder. Should help with the scrotum. Either a medication that dissolves in your mouth or a pill in the azole class will help the most with the thrush.

I have small white dots on the back of my tongue. Is this normal or maybe candida? It doesn't look anything like the oral thrush photos I've seen.

White tongue. It is fairly normal to have a whitish discoloration on the back of the tongue. The tongue sloughs daily and sometimes this can build up. This is especially more common if you are dry or dehydrated for some reason. Often, gently brushing the tongue can help. It's unlikely to be thrush unless you have been on a lot of antibiotics recently, steroids, or are immunosuppressed for some reason.
Doubtful... While this is possibly early candida, the most likely source are the normal papillae in that area. If they begin to spread and come together that could be candida. Contact your dentist for an evaluation, to alleviate your concerns.

If you don't have diabetes can you still eat sugar if you have oral thrush & candida skin infection?

Always in moderation. It is not common to get oral thrush, if you are healthy and not immunocompromised. WE see this more in young infants, Please confirm diagnosis. Moderate non refined Carbs, will not hurt you. Do have it treated, if confirmed.

Little red dots scattered around my legs. Could this be candida I have a little oral thrush and I think I have a systemic candiasis infection aswell?

Derm. Usually candida 9 a fungal infection) does not produce little red dots, it produces beefy red rash, but if you have oral thrush 9 very rare at your age) you need to have your immune system tested.
You MAY be. Right. You need a long course of Fluconazole for systemic yeast and Nystatin for bowel yeast. Both are prescription items.

Should you take nystatin everyday if you keep get candida & oral thrush also I just started a new pump Delura do u think that's the cause?

Yes. Steroids in inhalers can cause local growth of yeast Do check to change or discontinue and try alternate ex for asthma control Dose to be checked too.

I cannot afford antifungal meds for hair skin/face, oral thrush, esophagus overgrowth candida, what do I do go to hospital and be put on IV? Scared

Rx cards. The cost of care in a hospital will certainly be more expensive than outpatient prescriptions. Many online sites, pharmaceutical companies, clubs (Sam's Club, Costco, etc.) and pharmacies offer discount cards or assistance for people who cannot afford their medications or are uninsured.