How do I prevent acne?

See below. Accurate diary of food intake. Lowering sugary and starchy foods will lead to improvement. Inflammation caused by food is number one cause. Of course keeping your skin clean has a positive effect.
Some thoughts. Acne is genetic and more prone to occur during hormone changes. That is unavoidable. You should start using some essential skincare products and devices such as the clarisonic pro, face washes and toners with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and maybe some chemical peels to help unplug pores. Recommend diet high in healthy fats and proteins, organic, avoid all sugars except frui.

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How do I prevent acne without spending to much?

OTCs help some. The best you can do with over the counter products is a cleanser with 3% salicylic acid or 10% benzoyl peroxide. Of find both and alternate days. Acne is difficult to treat...Get help from a doc with experience and be patient. You may need a lot more than cleansers to fix acne. Combination treatments including bcp, antibiotics, diet, etc may all be required. Severe cases need more. Good luck! Read more...

Question wasn't properly answerd! How do I prevent acne from sweat, I'm thinking use a gentle cleanser before workout then an effective cleanser after?

Actually... ...Gentle cleansers are always best with acne; and overcleaning the skin can irritate it by removing the protective layer of skin oils, so maybe no washing before the work-out, only after. Also, when you dry your face, pat it dry, do not rub the towel over it. Hope this helps. Read more...

How do I prevent more acne breakouts?

Baseline Rx. If you are not a woman who can take & wants the oral contraceptive pill, and you have had some bad breakouts, ask your physician whether there is an oral antibiotic that might be right for you. This is usually the best approach in this situation. This is the 21st century and all acne is manageable. Being young is hard enough as it is, and you deserve to be acne-free if that is your wish. Read more...