How long does it take to recover from triple bypass heart surgery?

Weeks to Months. You will be home usually within a week but rehabilitation is a big part of recovery and it will take several more weeks before you feel 100%. The sternotomy will be sore until it fully heals. In addition, if you had a vein harvest from the legs, it takes several weeks for these wounds to heal. Overall it takes a month or two before you feel fully recovered.
5 days in hospital. It depends on your condition including heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. In most cases, you would be hospitalized for 5 days, and full recovery may take 1.5 to 3 months.
Usually 6-8 weeks. Assuming this was not minimally invasive or a percutaneous procedure, but a regular sternotomy with or without extracorporeal circulation ("on/off pump"), most patients are ambulatory within a day or two, home in 4 days, progressively walking comfortably within a week or so, and wounds and sternal incision back to baseline in 6 weeks. Any complications or anemia can delay full recovery.

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Considering open heart surgery and triple bypass but concerned as a spoker about oxygen use?

Stop smoking... Chances are that after bypass surgery you will not need oxygen at home. But that being said, stopping smoking is an absolute necessity. All the pain and suffering you will go through with the surgery will basically be wasted if you keep smoking. Smoking will cause the bypasses to stop working much much sooner than they would in a nonsmoker. Do your health a favor and stop before your surgery.
It's a Problem. Smoking up until the time of CABG will cause more secretions in your lungs. You might end up going home on oxygen for a short time after surgery. Best to commit to quitting for good.

Are this many complications common after open heart surgery? My dad, 69 years old--overweight but no other health problems other than heart. 11 days ago had triple bypass, aortic valve replacement, and block for afib. Two hours after surgery needed anot

I. I am so sorry that your dad and your family are having to go through this. As you know, that is an extremely major surgery. Triple bypass with aortic valve replacement and procedure for atrial fibrillation is extremely extensive surgery. Factors that can affect the surgery and outcome include the condition of the patient prior to surgery, age, kidney function prior to surgery, and the condition of the heart prior to surgery. Keep an open line of communication with the doctor and nursing staff so that your family's questions can be answered to your satisfaction. I wish the best for your father.
Depends. Coronary blockage- bypass and generally improved prognosis are the general results risks of procedures are being reduced all the time. But patients are older and bring more intrinsic personal risks. Risks are dying, bleeding, infection, stroke, recurrence. Over all about 2%.

How long does a triple bypass last, before you will need some other form of heart surgery?

Personal choice. It depends on the patients compliance with diet, medications, and exercise. Typically I should last several years, but it is so individual specific according to lifestyle. I recommend close monitoring of such a patient. Wishing you the very best.
It really depends. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. A bypass surgery does not cure you of coronary artery disese. You can form new blockages in your arteries or even the bypass grafts. Arterial grafts like mammary arteries tend to last a long time. Vein grafts often last about 7-10 yrs. Have you quit smoking and watched your diet? All of these things are improtant.

How many years survival after triple bypass heart surgery?

Variable. Depends on age, left ventricle, other risks etc. Depends on conduits- internal mammary grafts. The point is that most do well and for along time. I have patients at 30 years.

Is there a risk in flying after you have had a triple bypass heart surgery?

Depends. Immediately should be with care. After a month or so, same as most flyers, presuming all checkups are on target!

What are the common complications that occut during triple bypass heart surgery?

Mutiple. Heart attack, stroke, death, kidney injury or failure, infection, bleeding, cardiac tamponade, and complications of vascular disease, which can occur in many different areas of the body.
Few. Death bleeding infection sternal infection stroke recurrence graft failure long list but infrequent < 5%.

Woud you please discuss the complications that can arise from triple bypass heart surgery?

Few. Death bleeding infection sternal infection stroke recurrence graft failure long list but infrequent.
Bypass. Heart attack, stroke, death, major infection, kidney failure. However, the reality is that overall risk is low.

Please help, how much notice should you receive before undergoing triple bypass heart surgery?

Maybe not much. Sometimes, as the situation dictates, you may need immediate surgery, within just a few hours of presentation of cardiac symptoms. All depends on what is found during investigation, and what options are or are not available. Good luck.
Depends. The symptoms or signs lead to cardiac catheterization and definition of the anatomy which may be suitable for cabg. Full risks, benefits and options should be presented to you. Depending on the symptoms, severity, anatomy the procedure should be done sooner than later.