My husband is 33 years old and his left foot is swollen and pus coming out from in between toes, it's hurts to walk and has pain in his calf?

ER ASAP. This can be very serious. Sounds like he needs admitted to the hospital.
Infection. I agree with dr. Inwood. Seek medical attention now not tomorrow. This can be limb treating and if you are sick, diabetic, ca patient etc it can be life treating.
Infection. If this was isolated to the toe or 2 toes i would say a rapid appointment with your podiatrist. But with pain in the calf and what sounds like swelling moving up the foot the right thing to do is visit the er - right now .
Go to ER . Your hsuband has an infection and most probably cellulitis. Your description is concern for a blood clot in his leg. See a doctor now.
Need to see his doct. Mostly he has foot infection and need to see his doctor for treatment.