What is the best and safest fat-burning supplements to take for a young adult male?

No Supplements Work. Save your money, no supplements really work, exercise burns fat, better yet change your food. Here is a simple way to lose, without a diet, the list shows the reasons people gain wt. In order of most important & easiest to change, simply go down list, find your top 2 reasons, and then make a few changes, such as: diet soda for soda, subway for burgers, 100 cal packs: 1. Any drink with sugar 2. Fas.
Not supplements. Please realize that the food you eat is not just calories, but it's also information for your body. If healthy, food can assist fat burning (along with exercise). If not, you'll keep storing fat. You can work with a nutritionist, physical trainer, and/or a holistic physician on your own situation. There's no magic here.