I have small circular dry patches on my legs. Can thid be psoriasis, as I have it on my scalp and face too. But these start as small itchy bumps.?

Maybe But... You rash could certainly be psoriasis which typically has a silvery scale on it, but it might also be eczema. You should discuss it with your doctor.
Yes. This could be psoriaisis or you may have 2 conditions at tue same time. For proper diagnosis and treatment see a dermatologist to determine of this is psoriaisis, a skin infection, or another condition.

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Have scalp psoriasis, suddenly have round itchy bumps on upper arm kind of in a row. Is this psoriasis too?

Psoriasis. Possibly.. If you already have a diagnosis of psoriasis and depending on the type the presentation and body involvement. The image here shows an example of possibly what you are describing. F/u with dermatology for an evaluation and treatment. Read more...