My child almost 5 has up n down high temperature 2days flu like symptoms and swful headache no rash shud I b concerned?

Yes-see doctor! A variety of illnesses can cause this -- please have him seen today! causes range from mild to severe so he needs immediate evaluation. If it's bacterial, he may need antibiotics; if it's influenza, he may need anti-influenza medicine. If it's a common virus, the doctor can tell you what to do for symptomatic relief.
Yes. Check with your md for persistent fever . I am sure he will find the cause of the fever.

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My wife has flu like symptoms wit h a rash on her arms and inner thighs! She started off with throwing up and nausea bone ach soar throat headache, ?

Rash. The rash may be an allergy to medicine or some other substance if it is more bilateral (both sides) if it is only in a certain area (dermatome, or nerve distribution), and it was preceded by the flu-like symptoms, it may be post herpetic neuralgia (shingles). I would see your doctor. Read more...