How does Suboxone treatment for addiction work?

Suboxone is. ... Not a pure opioid but it blocks the same opioid receptors as opioids do. It is different because it does not activate the receptors like a pure opioid and does not give you the same type of response. So no good feelings that require a gradual increase in dosage like pure opioid. Suboxone is used to allow you to get off an opioid fairly comfortably and the keep cravings at bay.
See below. When the amount of opioid receptor stimulation remains stable throughout day, we can avoid withdrawal as well as episodes of intoxication/euphoria. This gives the stability to work through other issues. Suboxone is the best agent to do this. Unfortunately physical dependence is maintained. It also blocks the affects of any other opioids you might impulsively use.

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A friend of mine wants to get treatment for addiction, he is thinking of suboxone. What all does this entail?

Commitment. Commitment is needed. Counseling, showing up for appointments, taking the medication as it is prescribed, and making lifestyle changes and personal choices for their benefit.
Personalized program. Firstan evaluation to see if he is a suitable for such treatment. If so, he needs to stop all use of opioids, wait for withdrawal to occur then he starts treatment. He is seen frequently maybe 1-2 times a week, and prescribed just enough to last till next visit. Gradually the frequency of visits is decreased. He then stays on the med. Indefinitely. There are many other impt. Psychosocial components.

Which is a better treatment option for opioid addiction, Suboxone or methadone?

Depends. Suboxone can be prescribed at a doctor office, has anticraving effect and antianxiety effect via kappa receptors. Methadone is a full opioid agonist must be given from a Methadone clinic, cheap. Suboxone in my experience is easier to use and titrate, has less withdrawal symptoms and when used with pregnant women is easy to titrate down. Newborns have little withdrawal.
Suboxone by far! As a physician with 10 years of experience treating addiction, I feel that Suboxone is a much better treatment. The main advantage of Methadone is price. Suboxone is safer in that you cannot overdose with it, unlike methadone. Suboxone blocks other opioids from getting you high (or dead), and it won't work if injected. Suboxone visits are usually monthly, not daily like at Methadone clinics.
Prefer Suboxone. I prefer Suboxone as patient is better to function on Suboxone vs methadone.
Both. Methadone is cheap and dosed once a day. At high doses it has cardiac risks. It does not block the opioid receptor and can be overpowered with large doses of opioids. Suboxone is more expensive, dosed once or twice a day, and partially blocks the receptor preventing other opioid function. It is more expensive. Pt specific factors lead the md to pick one or the other.
Depends. I am using mainly Suboxone to treat my patients. I am aware Methadone works well for many patients but Suboxone can be prescribed in an out patient setting, and I find that it tends to produce less tolerance and fewer side effects. They are both medications that need to be part of a comprehensive recovery program.
SUBOXONE. I never prescribed Methadone for withdrawal but I believe that the Suboxone is really superior and can be a true life changer!
Subaxone. Convenient, No need for daily clinic visits and better quality of life. Note if pregnant or require very high doses of methadone may not be a good candidate for Subaxone.
Suboxone. Typically. I would consider Suboxone first. There are more serious risks with methadone that are not the same as with suboxone, and if not managed appropriately, can lead to an adverse outcome. They both work, however. Best of luck.
Everyone is. Different. Suboxone allows more freedom and has fewer side effects. Methadone treats higher degrees of tolerance. Methadone has a higher success rate and most methadone patients can't use suboxone. Still, naltrexone is the best option of all- especially as a Vivitrol shot.