What can I do for stopped up sinus's?

Prob not sinuses. Nasal congestion is often confused with sinus congestion. If you are having trouble breathing through your nose you can try an otc decongestant antihistine combination with or without nasal saline. Stay away from decongestant nasal sprays as these are very addictive. If simple measures fail to give you relief you may have a viral or bacterial infection. At that point best to see your md.
Sinus Congestion. Congeted noses and sinuses can be from infections in the nose or sinuses, allergy, physical issues such as deviated septums, rarely tumors, hypothyroidism, polyps, foreign bodies (children), addiciton to otc nasal sprays or cocaine, chemical and toxin exposure, reflux (gerd) and other more unusual disorders. See a qualified ENT physician if the problem is severe or long-lasting.