I know vicodin is a very good painkiller but I also know it's very addictive. Are there any painkillers that act like vicodin but aren't as addictive?

Non addicting pain. Opiod dependency and addiction is very common. Chronic use of opiods could lead to dependency or addiction. Depending upon the etiology of pain, topical analgesics or anesthesia, NSAIDS, Acetaminophen and muscle relaxants can be used.
Non opioid analgesic. There is a misconception about opioid medications and addiction. Addiction is a biospsychosocial disease with genetic predisposition. Opioids may cause physical dependence. But don't equate opioid intake causing addiction always. Multimodal approach is the key to rational pain management, there are potent nsaids and non-opioid analgesics like tramadol that could be tried.