I'm getting 3 baby teeth that won't come over taken out next week (not by chioce). Will it hurt? What is done to ease the pain?

Local anesthesia. Pain control is through injection of local anesthetic to numb the areas of the extractions. You will still feel pressure and pulling, but it should not hurt. However, i sense from your post that you are very anxious about this. You may want to talk to your dentist about being sedated (relaxed with medication) for the treatment. Sedation can make it a much less stressful experience!
Not at all. It shouldn't hurt at all during the extraction. Because you'll be numb , as far as later it might feel a little sore as your doctor might prescribe you some medications for that, you should keep it clean and avoid hot or spicy food for 24 hours , and you'll be fine, good luck 😊.