Foot doctor my feet always hurt?

More Information. There are many reasons people have foot pain and without more information on where there is pain, when there is pain and what factors aggravate the pain it would be hard to give a complete answer. The best thing for you might be to have a thorough examination by a specialist in this area.
Possible neuropathy. You might have a painful sensory neuropathy or disorder of the nerves of the legs which can be checked by a neurologist. There are many different causes including diabetes, vitamin and thyroid abnormalities, and idiopathic (unknown cause).

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I broke my 4th toe in December 2014, I broke it again in the same spot in May 2015. It was ok until last week I was walking upstairs and felt a pop in my toe. Not it hurts again like it did when I broke it, I have went to the foot doctor and she said it

Three times a break. Breaking the same toe twice in less than six months, can mean two things. Either your toe never totally healed after the first break, or you may have bones that tend to break easily. You foot doctor should be aware of both possibilities and initiate the appropriate treatment and referrals. If there is a third reason it would be blaming it on just dumb luck.

What is the medical word for "foot doctor?

Podiatrist. Podiatrist is used here in the usa, but in other parts of the world, chiropodist is common.

Where can I find foot doctor that can perscrib orthotics?

Podiatrist. Any podiatrist should be able to dispense orhtotics. Usually they are made by casting your foot for an impression or scanning your foot with a computer.
Aofas. Org. Go to aofas. Org to find an orthopaedic surgeon near you with expertise in foot and ankle problems. You may not even need custom orthotics depending on what your problem is.
Podiatrist. Most podiatrists have considerable experience in recommending orthotics. You could also ask around your community to find satisfied patients and ask for a referral.
Apma. Org. You can search for a local podiatrist on the apma website apma. Org.

Do I go to a podiatrist or a normal doctor about a foot fungus?

Either or. Both can provide medical treatment options for nail fungus. If you need surgical or laser treatment, consider seeing a podiatrist. Good luck!
Foot Fungus. The best place for you to go to be evaluated for a possible foot fungus is to see your local podiatrist.
Both can help you. Have it evaluated and get the appropriate treatment.

What happens during your first foot doctor appointment with a podiatrist?

After completing. Paperwork where you provide information about your problem, along with your medical history, the podiatrist will listen to your complaint, examine you thoroughly, take x-rays as indicated and then he/she will discuss your problem with you. The treatment options and recommendations will be discussed and you can embark on the plan to make you more comfortable.
Many things. You will be asked a number of questions about your overall health and then about your feet. You will be examined & possible x-rays taken. A treatment plan will then be proposed and started.
Work up. During your first visit your doctor will get a thorough history an perform a physical exam relevant to your chief complaint. They will discuss with you the treatment options.