What can be done to stop dribble after urination? What are the causes? There are always a few drops which end up being released after the main stream.

Post-void dribbling. Post-void dribbling is the leakage of a bit of urine after the penis is back in the pants. A man can see his primary care doctor or a urologist, since men can have prostate problems. If the penis is normal and the foreskin is not trapping urine, then be sure the penis hangs freely while peeing. One should relax at the end to let the last drops come out. Women who drip have different issues.
Wait longer. Post void dribble is common and usually occurs because of urine accumulation in the bulbar urethra (part or the tube that carries urine out from the baldder in men). This portion of the urethra is wider than the other sections and can hold urine even after voiding and when voiding is over an additional 5ml drips out on your clothes. Treatment is waiting longer to let these few drops out.