Hello professionals! Thank you in advance. My father, 75 yearly male with c.O.P, CHF is now having kidnney failure with creatine levels high, potassium ok. What else besides dialysis is rec?

Follow MD advice. Every case is different, so it would be impossible to say specifically what is best for your dad. However, it is extremely important that he follow the advice given him by his doctor, especially regarding dietary & fluid restrictions, medications prescribed, exercise as tolerated, and smoking cessation if applicable. Many patients are able to avoid dialysis for years by doing this.
Search indicated. The approach here is to look for a treatable cause that would avoid dialysis. It may not be present. The usual categories are obstruction (ruled out with post void residual ultrasound and kidney us) and avoidance of nephrotoxic drugs, esp nsaids, ace-is, and over-diuresis with diuretics.Since he has chf, it may not be possible to avoid using potent diuretics to let him breathe comfortably.
Difficult balance. You describe one of the most complicated scenarios in medicine: a person with clinically signification heart failure, lung disease and now renal failure. Not everyone with chronic kidney disease needs dialysis. If his heart failure medications and diuretics can be adjusted he may be able to avoid dialysis for a long time. If he has acute kidney failure.. The options are less.