I had cellulitis from doing trenbolone, I went to the ER and they gave me 2 antibiotics & still hasnt healed in over 4 months?

Steroid use. Trenbolone is a steroid known to be used by body builders for muscle enhancement. Steroids of any type are known for difficulty with wound healing so i would suggest getting off this medication if possible. I agree that any stalled wound should be seen by a physician especially if you are concerned for infection.
Be specific... At the injection site? On your back? On your buttocks? With pustules or an abscess? Knowing the "specifics" an infection using an injected substance, can really hope focus the answer of why it hasn't healed. Otherwise, think of 4 reasons: 1)no source control 2)repeated exposure to infection 3) underlying issue not addressed 4)antibiotic resistance, 5) initial diagnosis needs to be questioned.
Have wound examined. Any wound that does not heal has the potential to have foreign body. You need to see a doc to examine the wound thoroughly - possibly open drainage, culture and change of antibiotics.
Steroid use. The use of anabolic steroids, just like mineral or glucocorticoids can significantly affect the time it takes a wound to heal as well as the quality of healing. However, after this amount of time, i would begin to look for another cause of the symptoms you may be experiencing. A visit to your doctor may be in order.
Non-healing wound. I absolutely agree with dr oh. Always we look at the barriers and factors prevent normal healing, infection, foreign bodies, and others, circulation, edema.....
Biopsy? I agree with dr. Chris oh. However, if the wound continues to be refractory to healing i would recommend a biopsy and wound culture.