How to quit smoking plz suggest?

Quit Smoking. Smoking is a very difficult habit and addiction to quit. Average number of tries is seven. Use a nicotine patch or puffer instead of cigarettes, but wean to using the patch or puffer exclusively, then wean the patch or puffers. Medications may be helpful as well, but some of these have side effects. Get support from friends and family and contact the american lung assoc. For a quitting packet.
Use patches, program. Some individuals succeed with cold-turkey stopping, and a few can taper themselves off tobacco, but such efforts lead to fewer than 5% succeeding. Use of nicotine patches increases quit rate to 15% or so, and adding nicotine lozenges for break-thru craving can increase that a bit. A formal smoking cessation program increases results 10%. Best results are with zyban (bupropion) and chantix, plus a program.

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How can I quit cigarette smoking. Plz suggest some ways.

Social support. Social support helps--your doc or hospital may know of a group for you. Coffee/tea mugs, cigarettes, all give off a "i'm on a break message" to self and others. Give yourself permission to take a break/relax w/out that. Oral habit so mints, gum, etc. Can help. You can do it and your loved ones will be grateful. Read more...
Stopping. Develop a plan before you stop smoking. Chose a date that you plan to stop. Let your friends & family know so that they can support you. Get rid of cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays etc. Stay away from people who are smoking so that it won't trigger the urge to smoke. Consider using a smoking cessation App, a quitline, smokefree TXT or joining a support group. Medications can also be used. Read more...