I had an abortion and I regret it everyday. I can't believe what I did... Now I am trying for another and I can't get pregnant. I had no complications?

Get some counseling! Abortion is a complicated decision, and nearly all women have ambivalence about it - even if is exactly the right thing for all concerned. No woman gets pregnant on purpose to have an abortion! in my experience, women who have abortions in spite of their sadness make great mothers later - because they're making a decision based on the overall good. Like good mothers do every day! it will happen.
A sensitive concern. As you know, responses to abortion are very sensitive, both personally and "out there". It is important that you find someone to talk to who will not "push" your feelings one way or the other. Feelings can have an impact on fertility, but whether this is so for you, now, no one can guess in advance. Ask your OB for a referral--s/he is likely to know someone.