What will be the cause for 29 years old girl diagnose for colon cancer? Colon abscess? Perforation? Diverticulitis? Stage 2a (t3nomo)

Hereditary. Abscesses, perforations, and diverticulitis are not known to cause colon cancer. Colon cancer in a young person may be due to an inherited cancer susceptibility problem like lynch (hnpcc) or gardner's (fap), especially if there is a family history. Genetic counseling and tests can be done to determine if there is a hereditary genetic predisposition.
Genetics. If she has a perforation, she is unfortunately stage IV and should be treated as such in terms of chemotherapy. Colon cancer at such a young age is genetics. Her siblings and all 1st degree relatives should be screened off the testing from her colon cancer.
Hereditary cancer. I am sorry for your condition. Stage 2a- is curable. I wish you the best for your therapy etc. If the cancer occurs at a very young age- like 29-in this case-a possibility of genetic mutation/hereditary cancer syndrome should be evaluated.