I am facing bad memory problem. Some time I forget very common things like names. Places even one day I couldn't remember name of my wife. Plz?

See your doctor soon. There are lots of things that can cause those symptoms. Some are severe stress, medical issues that are affecting your liver, kidney or pancreatic functions with toxic affects on your brain & ability to think clearly. What most folks worry about under the circumstances you describe is that they are developing alzheimer's dementia. Don't just worry, go and get a medical evaluation & ease your mind.
Medical evaluation. Many things can cause this. To name a few: 1) medical conditions such as a thyroid problem; 2) stress causing difficulty concentrating; 3) depression and anxiety affecting your memory and ability to focus; 4) attention deficit disorder; and 5) drug or alcohol abuse. It's best to get a good evaluation with a physician and/or mental health professional. Hope this helps.