Can smoking lead to erectile dysfunction?

Absolutely. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, so it robs organs of blood supply. Erection is heavily dependent on adequate blood supply.
Yes! Agree. Smoking also leads to blood vessel abnormalities in general, and to noteworthy locations such as the heart, brain, peripheral vessels causing symptom of claudication (leg angina), and can decrease blood flow to genitals. Erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of more general vascular disease and risk factor for heart attack, stroke (in the right patient) don't smoke; see your doc.

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Can smoking medical marijaua lead to erectile dysfunction?

Possibly. One of the many effects of marijuana is erectile dysfunction, whether smoked recreationally or medically.
Yes. Marijuana use, prescribed or otherwise, can lead to higher estrogen levels, lower testosterone levels and testicular shrinkage which all may contribute to erectile problems.

Can smoking cigarettes cause erectile dysfunction?

Yes. The tar and nicotine can both permanently and transiently cause constriction of the blood vessels that deliver blood to the penis and cause an undersupply of blood to the tissue which cause erection. Also chronic smoking can also cause a drop in testosterone which further causes erectile dysfunction.
Possible factor. Cigarettes are linked to atherosclerosis which can be a factor in ED - however a person would not develop this after smoking until after a relatively long period of time (10-20+ years of heavy smoking).Diabetes is probably more of a cause because it affects small blood vessels. I think most ED is psychological in young and middle aged men (ages 20- 50+) however, low testosterone is another factor.

Does smoking causes erectile dysfunction and weight loss?

Smoking can cause. Many diseases because it damages the "engines" of the cell. The most sensitive tissue is the lower brain that controls erection and the weight loss is evidence of poor metabolism.