Why am I dizzy, light headed, tired and have no strength? Can it be from stress? My counselor said I have severe depression & anxiety. I

See your doctor. These symptoms can have many possible causes, including medication side effects, anemia, dehydration, and more. Please see your physician about them so that s/he can examine you and offer any treatments or medication adjustments you may need.

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I get very tired all the time dizzy light headed, depression and anxiety in a little under weight but relatively constant. What can I do to relieve sy?

Depression, Anxiety. You are a Special Human Being! You have Blessings and Wonders of Body. Feel Wonders of Universe. Stand in front of mirror and speak- “I accept and Respect myself.” Keep Developing confidence Your Anxiety and Depression can be treated. See Psychiatrist for Diagnosis, Therapy, self-esteem, and Medication. Read more...

I been dealing with dizziness off balance neck pain severe depression seen 16 professionals no one can help I'm getting worse. Lost job, husband?

Depression. Confusion about diagnoses and treatment often occurs if docs miss something-do you have a trauma history? ? Trauma (physical injury can produce psychological trauma also) needs to be treated by a trauma expert. Please don't give up, there is always an answer! Read more...