How do you treat famial spastic parapesis?

Symptomatic. Most individuals primarily suffer from significant spasticity of the lower extremities in this condition which results in pain and difficulty with walking. There are many treatments for spasticity that can be affective including oral agents, injectable medications and even implantable devices to reduce tone. Consultation with a spasticity specialist such as phsyiatrist or neurologist can help, .
SCI Medicine. Treatment of fsp is directed at symptoms such as spasticity and urinary incontinence. It would be reasonable to look for subspecialty rehabilitation care from a board-certified spinal cord injury medicine doc. Inquiring at an academic rehabilitation center would helpful. Baclofen or tizanidine might be useful for spasticity, and a urology evaluation would be needed if urinary symptoms are evident.
Treat symptoms. There is no cure for fsp, but physical therapy and medications such as muscle relaxants and antidepressants can reduce the impact of the symptoms and help maintain quality of life.