Is it safe to drink distilled water? I have perioral dermatitis and dr. Said to say away from fluoride, and I live with fluorinated water.

Yes. Yes, distilled water is safe to drink. However, I have not heard of avoiding Fluoride for perioral dermatitis. I guess it's worth a try.
Yes. Yes it is safe to drink distilled water. I have never heard of Fluoride causing perioral dermatitis. It is more likely that it is some other ingrediate in your toothpaste. Some people are allergic to ingredients found in whitning and tarter control toothpastes. It may also be a food you are allergic to. Fluoride is a very unlikley candidate for this problem.
Perioral dermatitis. Causes of perioral dermatitis include: face creams with steroids, fluorinated toothpaste, changes in hormones, bcp, uv rays, and a variant of acne. Treatment is with topical acne medication like clarifoam and oral antibiotics like solodyn (minocycline) or doryx.