What is the best way to treat tourettes sindrome in an adolescent with adhi?

Tenex (guanfacine) The medications Guanfacine or Tenex (guanfacine) and Clonidine or catapress can help with both tics and hyperactivity.
Treat both. Many children with tourette syndrome also have adhd. Most do not have pandas. Even if they do, treatment of the tics and adhd often is the most beneficial course. Some medicines such as Guanfacine or Clonidine help with both tics and adhd symptoms either alone or in combination with stimulants like methylphenidate (ritalin). Look for some experienced with both diseases.
It depends on cause . The best treatments can only be determined after the cause of the condition is. Pandas are a type of tremor or tic with vocalizing that occurs in some children. It is treated with oral antibiotics. See your healthcare provider to determine the cause of the tourette's before trying any over-the-counter medication. Never take anyone elaes medication for these type of conditions.
Variable Treatments. As already mentioned, it is important to determine if this is really tourette's, or some other type of tic. If tourette's is present with hyperactivity (which is not uncommon), most psychiatrists would try using non-stimulant medications such as intuniv, kapvay, or strattera, (atomoxetine) due to concerns about stimulant medicines possibly increasing tics. However, stimulants can be used if needed.