What helps with cough?

The cause of the. Cough determines the treatment. For example if your cough is secondary to heart burn or reflux, then the treatment life style changes, dietary changes and the use of antacids. If the cough is due to a cold, upper respiratory infection, the treatment is time, fluids and time. If it gets real bad you may try cough syrups. There are many other causes and thus the same process... Good luck. Dr. B.
Depends. Cough can be due to do many things that it really depends on the cause. If its a cold otc cough suppressants, cough drops can help. If its due to a bacterial sinus infection, bronchitis or pneumonia, antibiotics are necessary. If it is due to asthma medications such as inhalers are necessary. Reflux can cause cough as well as many other conditions. Best to see your primary doctor if it bothers you.

Related Questions

Can lisiniprel cause a dry hacking cough? If so, what will help the cough?

Cough. It sure can as I am on it as well and have a dry cough! I am getting off it to another med as this is the only way to control it. Can be very bothersome.

What can help me cough up this thick phlegm stuff up out of my chest?

Cough. Cough with thick phlegm can be treated with medications like guafenecine. But you really need to find out the cause of the cough before you start mucolytics.

I have the flu, with an awful cough which I bring up a lot of muccus from my mouth and nostrils. What medicine would help cough?

Time. If you have the influenza virus, the only remedy is time. You can try some of the over-the-counter cough products like Robitussin or delsym, but these may not be all that effective. If it has been less than 2 days since the fever started from influenza, you may also ask your doctor about prescribing tamiflu (oseltamivir) which may help to less the duration & severity of the illness.