Got the gardisil shot 2 days ago and my arm still hurts today...Is this normal?

Sometimes. It happens sometimes, should get better and better by next week. Try to keep moving around but no heavy lifting, take over the counter pain med, gentle massage, contact the doctor if not improving next week. It doesn't mean will happen with other gardisil shots, so be sure to complete series. Sore arm is better than procedures and treatments for cervical cancer which the shot helps prevent.
Usually, yes. Any vaccine can make your muscles sore in the area -- a sharp pointy object has been stuck into them, and fluid is put in a space where there hadn't been any. Massaging the area, using warm compresses, and doing easy arm exercises helps to work 'kinks' out. Gardasil protects against a virus that causes cancer, so the benefits outweigh any side effects. If area reddens or swells, see your doctor.