Can anything be done for eye blinking twitch for my 14 year old daughter?

Depends. There are a few serious causes for eye twitch, but usually is lack of rest, too much stress or caffeine, so the basic treatment is improve rest, cut down caffeine and stress, exercise helps re-direct energy and decress stress. If it worsens, changes, or doesn't improve in a week, can see eye doctor for medication and surgical options for this.
Blepharospasm. Twitching eyelids can be involuntary or behavioral (habit). Conservative use of Botox in the muscles around the lids may provide some relief and/or stop the cycle. Could seer a neurologist, ophthalmologist, or ent/facial plastic surgeon for an eval.
Sneaky energy snacks. Besides straight up caffeine (like cola sodas, mountain dew, iced tea, coffee, red bull), be on the look out for energizing snacks and drinks. Green tea extract, guarana and ginseng can be found in juices, teas, "smart" water and vitamin water. Also in candy and even chewing gum. These sneaky sources of energy can make us twitchy too.