How can I manage for carpal tunnell in pregnancy?

Wear wrist splints. Wearing wrist splints or braces which keep the wrist in a neutral position will help. They should be worn at night since the symptoms for most women are worse in the morning upon awakening. If this is not helpful, you can see a neurologist for evaluation. In most cases, the symptoms will improve or resolve after delivery.
Splint first. The single most early effective thing to do os to wear a well fitting wrist splint at night (not too tight!) using antiinflammatories helps but taken with food and try to take if ok with your obgyn and it dies not upset your stomach or cause other health issues. And cleared by your OB gym a hand surgeon may be able to offer an injection which can elevate blood sugar a bit so get clearance.
See below. You need to consult an orthopedic provider. They can provide you with braces to wear at night.