What is the treatment for having 2 thecal cyst at s2 (racepinephrine) n a disc bulge at l4/l5 with annular fissure centrally. No nerve root compression or narrowing?

Not clear. Benign cysts around nerve roots, called tarlov cysts generally do not need treatment. Disc bulges and annular tears are not unusual in people in the 5th and 6th decades of life without symptoms. None of these dictate treatment. Symptoms should be evaluated by an appropriate health care professional.
Annular tear. Best thing is to probably continue with conservative care, anti-inflammatories and a responsible exercise program that is flexion based. Extension puts more pressure on the back of the disc and it might make things worse... The cysts in the lower spine are probably benign tarlov cysts and they are typically not associated with pain. Remember, back pain does typically not improve from back surgery.

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At L4-L5 annular tear and diffuse disc bulge causing narrowing of left lateral recess and neural foramen and abutting ipsilateral exiting nerve root.?

L5 radiculopathy. This sounds like an MRI report. There is anatomical evidence of the left L5 nerve root being irritated. This may cause numbness of the lateral lower left leg, weakness of bending the ankle upwards, and possibly a tingling or burning sensation. Read more...